Saturday, February 9, 2008

"The South"

Mohamed's family's house, in the south of Morocco. The house is made of dirt and palm trees and has stood for over 100 years.
This is where Mohamed's parents sleep. His mother was proud to show us the bed they had just recently gotten.
This is the kitchen. The women squat down on the floor as they prepare delicious, elaborate meals using the simple utensils seen here. I could write a whole post about the amazing meals we ate while in Morocco. Maybe I will.
The above picture is where the women cook the bread. Several of the neighbor women gather in this room once a week, and they make large batches of bread for each family. Moroccans consume more bread than any other country in the world (according to Mohamed, that is).
The woman holding Amira in this picture is my mother-in-law. She is always smiling, and is the social centre of the village. She loves to laugh, and travel anywhere she can (around Morocco, so far, but we hope to have her visit here next year.) She rocked Norah to sleep every night during our stay. That was a special time for both of them.
Mohamed and his Aunties.

David and I getting sprayed with rose water at the end of a meal. David was a little suprised when she started dousing (sp?) us with perfume. Norah wanted to give it a try.

Well, that's all for now. Norah is whining "na-na-na" at me, which means she is hungry. Again.


amy said...

oh wow. those pictures make me want to GO TO MOROCCO RIGHT NOW! im so glad you got to take your girls to meet their family. and, mostly, i'm glad you're back :)

my friend jen, who is in her third trimester, commented on my blog that she is considering "going for" a natural birth (unanesthetized). she had an epidural with her first. i referred her to you for inspiration, which i figured would be ok. if you lived near her, i am pretty sure you would be friends.

Jami said...

Ame, I hope she actually gets in touch with me. I think I'm going to start my certification for teaching childbirth classes soon, so I'll be even more full of information, soon. I'm really excited.

Jen said...

Hey, my email address is jbramall at yahoo dot com. I would love to hear encouragement, thoughts, etc. about giving birth naturally, though my husband is against it because he's wimpy about me suffering. It's an ongoing topic of discussion.

And I want to go to Morocco now, too. Maybe I could learn how to simplify and improve my cooking skills.

Jana said...

Wow, those pictures are amazing, and you look so happy in them. (By the way, you also look very skinny.) When are you going back and can we go, too? I would love to experience that culture, and I would also love $3 manicures.

Melissa said...

Hey Jami, It is seriously so good to hear from you and to see you and your cute family. Your girls are beautiful.

Morocco seams really fun and very cultural which I love. I am glad you were able to go and take your babies to visit their family. What are you up to these days?