Monday, April 7, 2008

This past weekend was General Conference, a special time for members of our church, where we get to hear from our leaders via a worldwide televised conference. We had been talking to Amira all week long about the importance of General Conference, and had also spent time talking to her about the passing of our beloved former prophet, President Hinckley. As conference was about to begin we encouraged Amira to play close attention to the words of our new prophet and asked her, "Amira, do you remember the name of our new prophet?"

Without skipping a beat she gave us a big smile and said, "Yep. His name is Obama."
PS- if you are wondering what relevance the rather strange Moroccan picture has to this post- the answer is "none." See previous post for my "random picture" disclaimer.


amy said...

amira is a genius.

also, please never feel obligated to justify a picture as cute as this one. instead, just keep 'em coming! man alive, your kids are darling.

Jana said...

Your kids truly are adorable. And "man alive" (to steal from Amy, I happen to love that phrase) you are looking good yourself! Those beans are working for you!

Cynthia said...

I remember when I was little (older then Amira, but still little) it was hard to keep my church knowledge and my non-church knowledge separate. I couldn't remember the difference between pioneers and pilgrims, and I wasn't sure how a president and a prophet were different either. All those "P" words to keep straight.
P.S. I love that you and Amira have the same pose in the picture. Did you plan that? :)