Monday, June 9, 2008

A little horn-tooting

I know I haven't posted in ages. Mohamed had 6 online quizzes to take this weekend, which means he spent the entire weekend staring at/talking to the computer. I was forced to read several books. One of the books I read inspired me to try some new things in the kitchen. Here's where my little brag comes in. I am proud to say I've done (or am working on doing) the following things today:

-grocery shopping
-planted strawberries (organic strawberries are $6 a pint, and it takes Amira all of 3 minutes to finish a pint)
-made my own yogurt, out of almond milk. I will try soy milk, next. Yep, I'm cool.
-hung up my clothesline (finally) and pinned-up all Norah's diapers to dry in the sun. Very satisfying.
-Both my girls are now napping, so I'm going to get a head start on dinner.

I've decided I find it extremely satisfying to do things the slow, old-fashioned way. It makes me feel grounded, and I know it may sound corny, but also connected to the generations of women before me who did things the same way. I enjoyed the time I spent out in the sun, hanging Norah's bright white diapers. Amira handed me the clothespins and Norah tried to eat the dirt. It was nice.

Oh, and I've been away from the computer so long I forgot to mention a new blog Amy and I started (okay, it was really Amy, as you'll see) but I fully intend to post soon. About sprouting seeds and beans. Check it out.


Eddie said...

You made your own yogurt.... Cool. My mom used to do that. I LOOOVE plain yogurt. No kidding. ... But have you heard of Kefir? It's the new rage. Anyway, my wife has made her own kefir a few times, and that's been satisfying. You should look into it. See ...
It talks about making kefir from goat's milk and other wierd things, but we've just used coconut milk a few times, and organic cow's milk.

In other news, my wife and I have two children, and neither of them have ever been vaccinated. I don't believe in vaccination. I have very strong opinions ever since I went to the MTC. I got a hepatitis B shot in the MTC that made me SERIOUSLY depressed for over a year, so much so that I had to go home from my mission for a time to overcome the depression. So I know firsthand that vaccines can hurt you very, very much.


Eddie said...

ps. kefir is alot like yogurt in both taste and what it's made of. It has a lot of good bacteria in it, just like yogurt.

amy said...

are there any other things you could make kefir out of, jame? i'm just trying to brainstorm here...

Jami said...

I don't know to what you could possibly be referring, Ame. We only eat milk from beans and nuts and such here. I would never think of trying to make anything out of, say breastmilk. Even if I did try, I would probably let it cool to far too low a temperature, thereby ruining my experiment. And my only container of stored milk.