Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Life as I know it

by Norah Aziza Baayd

Okay, so my parents are really awful at remembering to take pictures and keep in touch. Because my sister and I are so incredibly adorable I've decided to do my parents' job for them. Here is a summary of the last six months of my life:

I knew I loved my sister, right from the start. She loves me right back:

She can do lots of amazing things like talk and walk and hop on one foot. Once, she almost got eaten by a dinosaur:

I was pretty upset about thatAmira makes sure things never get too boring. She likes to dress up in all different costumes:

Sometimes I try to dress-up, too:

Everyone is always hugging me and kissing me and pinching my bum. Mostly I'm okay with that

So, there's my life. I'll try to make sure that my Mom and Dad share more pictures with everybody. Oh, and Adelyn- thanks for giving me the idea to write this post, myself.


BlueAdagio said...

Thanks so much! It means a lot to me to see you and your family. I'll love you guys always. :)

Lisa (Espanish for "Lisa") said...

I am so happy you have this new blog! Other than one very young picture of Amira, I have never really seen your girls. They are absolutely beautiful! It looks like they're discovering how fun each other can be. We miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

*shriek!!!* mommy cut her hair!!!
have i mentioned yet how i love you even though i never met you (but hope to) and how when you were born I fully intended to write mommy a real letter and send a present b/c I didn't think email was good enough, but I realized I didn't have your address or grandma's phone number anymore and eventually I realized that I took so long responding to that email in may that I was too embarrassed to write at all? It's difficult living in the information age, Norah, but welcome to it anyway :*
much love!

Jared and Miranda said...

Yeah! I really am glad you're back in the blogging business! Jared and I have started one ourselves- its wearejami.blogspot.com but its not as cute as yours yet, (no kids... just a doggie ;-)

Jana said...

Dear Norah,
I am so excited to welcome you t the wonderful world of blogging. I hope to meet you one day so we can be best friends and make up stupid dances in the living room like our moms used to do. By the way, it's nice to see you. I think you're cute.


Jami said...

Cass- marry Christmas
Lisa- so sad our girls haven't met. I love seeing their beautiful pictures.
Sharon! Norah and I forgive your abscence as long as you forgive ours. I miss you.
Miranda- glad you have a blog, too. Your dog is cute.
Jana and Addie- we agree that our girls should be BFF and dance a lot.