Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Up the Tall Mountain

By Amira Elizabeth Baayd

I thought since Norah got to tell her story I should let Amira do the same. The day after Thanksgiving we hiked to the top of Diamond Head- an inactive volcano. The hike was less than a mile, but quite steep. Amira decided to hike almost of all it herself. She did a great job and was so proud of herself when she reached the top. Several Japanese tourists applauded her effort, adding to the drama of the moment. Here are a few pictures and Amira's explanation of them.

" I went up the- what's that? The mountain. Playing and playing with my friends."

"I got excercise and I was so tired. Scary. I'm nice and happy."

*Amira quickly tired of explaining the pictures so I'll just post a few more.

My happy girls:
At the top

Mohamed got some great shots of Amira once we finished the hike


Winnie said...

Awesome! I love Amira's hair. Norah is getting so big. We miss you guys.

Jana said...

I can't believe how big Amira is! Wow. And your views are breathtaking. How long will you be there? A dream of mine is to visit...

Jami said...

Winnie- we miss you, too. Little Evie (sp?, sorry) is SO cute.

Jana- we are here for 1.5 more years. Come, come, come! Sometime when Jason is stuck studying.

Adrienne and Sam said...

Your girls are so beautiful. We're glad you've rejoined us in the blogging world. HI to all from Us!