Sunday, July 13, 2008

Suggestions, please

My good friend Cindy called today to offer me a job in her new store. Cindy owns the natural parenting store where I am currently working on Saturdays. In September she'll be moving to a new, much larger location. Her new store, in addition to selling cloth diapers, baby carriers, and such, will also have a play area for kids and a small kitchenette for preparing food. My job (and I accepted eagerly) will be to manage the entire food-side of the the store. So, in the next few weeks I need to develop a menu, and that's where I need suggestions. The requirements are these:

-food must be healthy, vegetarian fare
-the only cooking appliances I will have are a blender, microwave, panini press and the like (no oven or range)
-many of the customers we have are small children so I want some items that are particularly targeted to children (small containers of edible playdough is one idea, so far). Anything that can be presented in an appealing (but easy to prepare) way is great. Also, kids like to dip things, so dip-able food is another good way to go.
-I am planning several different salads, all with homemade dressing. Anyone have great dressing recipes?

My brain is full of a million ideas, but I keep getting stuck on not having a stove. Anyone out there still reading my blog, suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Caroline said...

Jame! I'm so sorry I haven't called you back yet! What time is the best time for me to call you? And what time zone are you in? :)

I have not one, but two dressing recipes for you!

The first is an Asian Red Chile Peanut Dressing that is just divine. (

The second one is a dressing that mimics the house dressing at Cafe Rio. It's also delicious, although a bit runny. (

Both have been tasted and approved by me and Justin and we're both picky eaters. Hope this helps!

Jared and Miranda said...

Hi Jami! Long time since i've read anyone's blog, but I'm trying to keep in touch now that I have a sec to catch my breath. Jared and I just moved to Cleveland and are lovin life in the city. Its different but a wonderful ward family and great neighbors makes it feel just like home. Ya know... I'm coming up blank on any great recipes, but in Chile I became rather fond of simple salads. Chileans often don't mix veggies, they'll just offer you a tomato or a cabbage salad, always with lemon and salt sprinkled on top. How's that for simple?? :) ...And I'm thinking of easing into a more vegan based diet. (Thinking of you as my inspiration on several occasions). Any tips? Cheese and other dairy products are my worst downfall.

Amy said...

JAMI!!!! I really hope you get this message! This is Amy Burch (well, actually now it's Amy clement). You had cell biology and physics lab together a million years ago. I've been trying to find a way to contact you for months. Anyway, my e-mail is and I'm on facebook too! Your daughters are gorgeous and you look so happy! Hopefully we'll talk soon!