Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We're still here

A not very good picture of my not very good haircut, but here it is:
Norah is bright-eyed since she's finally sleeping through the night!!! I am so full of sleep I don't quite know what to do.

Amira's hair is officially long enough to wear in braids and she is quite vain about them. She's developed a crush on a 7 year-old boy down the street and is under the delusion that he cares about her hair. Mohamed is quite distressed about the whole thing.


Jana said...

I am so happy you FINALLY posted some pictures. Your girls are adorable! That is so funny about Amira's braids. She can now officially enter into the true ethnic world. (That probably wasn't very PC of me, oops.) I LOVELOVELOVE the picture of Norah, her little smile melts my heart. Her and Addie are meant to be friends, I wish their destined friendship could have started already. Dang, I sure miss you.

Adrienne and Sam said...

Yeah! Your girls are beautiful as always. And your hair cut is very cut and fun. Love it. Boy crushes already. Sam is the boy crush of his nursery. I think its so cute how the little girls run up to him and touch his face and get all excited when Sam arrives. The protective father thing is so cute though. I understand.

amy said...

wow, your kids are so cute its almost painful. i cant wait to see them.