Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Since it is next to impossible to get ANY of my immediate family members to read my blog, I lured them here with a promise of adorable pictures of my girls. Before I get to that, I want to say, "Happy Mother's Day" to my mom.

Mom, as I was thinking about you today I thought about all the memories I have of growing-up. The nature hikes you led through the creek near our house, the neighborhood plays you directed, the strange salads you would make us before seminary (so we could get our veggies first thing in the morning) and that time I blew off studying for finals so we could watch the entire 6 hour version of pride and prejudice.

And even now that I am grown and gone, I continue to learn from you and count on you for everything from recipes to parenting advice. I remember when I called you a few months ago, stressed about a difficult parenting choice I was struggling with. I asked if you would support my decision, even if things didn't work-out how I hoped and I was harshly criticized by others for my choice. You paused for a second, and your voice caught as you told me, firmly, "I am your mother, Jami, I will always support you." I've thought about that many times, since. It brings me so much comfort to know even when my choices as a mother feel hard or lonely, you are there, with me. You have always been so able to love me. Thank you for that gift.

I have many wonderful memories, Mom. A lifetime full of them. But the one
thing I have to thank you for, most of all, is this: thank you for your faith. Thank you for knowing and loving the Lord so much, that I never had to wonder how you felt. Thank you for the prayers you have said with me, and for me. I am grateful that my earliest experiences with religion were of a mother who really lived her beliefs, and was made happy by them. I pray everyday that I may be that same mother to my sweet girls.

I love you so much, Mom.

Finally, on this mother's day I am also grateful for the two girls who made me a mother. The girls ran around in the rain this morning, and then I put them in a nice, warm bath. As they were playing I thought of all the little things I love about them: the perfectly round birthmark on Norah's shoulder, how Amira never wants to take off her pink running shoes (except for bath time) and the special bond the two of them are already developing. They adore each other. And I, them. On that note, Mom, here are the pictures I promised. Your copies will be coming shortly:

I couldn't post them directly, so click here

Oh, and here is a video of Norah walking and carrying a box as big as she is!


amy said...

oh, wow. those pictures were gorgeous. thanks for the heads up.

jana said...

Your girls are beautiful. Wow. I want to twist my fingers in Amira's curls and dance with her in my tennis shoes!

amy said...

i'm sorry to be redundant but i came back to look at the pictures again (can you blame me?!?!) and your children are so outrageously beautiful that it causes me physical pain. in my chest. that's a compliment :)

Ben said...

I don't know if you'll read this but just wanted to you to know that I think it is amazing to watch our second-borns grow and how much they look like our first-borns. Both your girls are beautiful.--Allison
p.s. It is Memorial Day weekend and it was FREEZING today.