Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Beautiful Girls

I really should be in bed, but I actually got to nap for an entire hour today and am therefore wide awake. My friend finally got her website up and running so here is a link to the rest of the pictures from the girls' photo shoot:

my babies, and me

When you get to the website click on the "clients" tab and then put in "Kimball" as the password. I've never changed my name on my hotmail account, so my friend thought my last name was Kimball, in case you are wondering.

A few of the pictures of me aren't that great, and I didn't do a very good job with Amira's curls (I sprayed them with water right before the shoot, and they didn't have time to dry for a lot of the pictures). However, I really love a lot of the shots. One of my favorites is the one where I'm nursing Norah.

I will post pictures of Norah's birthday, soon. I can't stop watching the photo slideshow. Gosh, I love my girls.


amy said...

i just kept wanting there to be more pictures. holy COW. bring on the chest pain!

Philip, Melissa, & Summer said...

Those are really cute. I especially love the ones near the beginning when they are in white. I did not know you had a second baby. Where have I been? Anyhow the pictures are so cute, and so professional.

amy said...

ok, jame, if you're not on the phone with me and you're not posting things on your blog for me to read, then what, precisely ARE you doing all day? who are you taking care of? not me, nope, not today. must me them kids. good thing they're so cute, or i would complain.

Jami said...

Actually I'm not really taking care of anyone. I've decided to pursue several different career options simaltaneously (call me for today's new idea) which means that Amira spends most of her time hiding in the closet and coloring on herself with marker and Norah is wandering around with a smashed banana in her hand. I think she may have just put some of it into the VCR.