Saturday, May 24, 2008

It really isn't fair

I just watched a documentary called "Motherland Afghanistan" about the work of a US/Afghani doctor and his efforts to improve the women's health care crisis in Afghanistan. According to the documentary 1 in 7 Afghan women die in childbirth (due in large part to vitamin deficiencies leading to pelvises that are too small) and 18 percent of babies do not survive their first year of life.

So very many thoughts ran through my head as I watched the documentary. I thought about how much Afghanistan reminds me of both India and Morocco and the film left me aching for both places. I thought about how sure I am in my decision to become a midwife, and I felt frustrated that I am not able to start my program, yet.

And then, I just felt guilty. As heart-felt as my last post was, and as important as I believe certain issues are, the documentary put some things in perspective to me. As the film showed a mother hold, care for, and then grieve the death of her premature baby, I thought what a luxury my struggles are. I worry about preschools for Amira and buying organic food and how to lose weight. Meanwhile a mother in Afghanistan will never get to hold her child again, a child who could easily have been saved had she been born in another part of the world.

So, I'm going to take a step back from the issues I previously found so pressing. I am going to work towards my goals with a renewed energy and promise to be grateful for my challenges. If you could even call them that.


Anonymous said...

Jami I appreciate your heart so much. Thank you for caring beyond yourself and your world and encouraging me to do the same. I am so excited for our play date tomorrow.

Jami said...


Loved having you over. Thanks for your comment, and also your friendship. Our talk yesterday really helped me refocus in some areas in my life that needed revamping. Thank you!